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Jan 17th, 2019

Jan 10th, 2019

Dec 20th, 2019

Our Governance Model

Our governance process is a strictly voluntary system. People have the power, what they need is a choice. This system is a mix of Swiss Direct Democracy and Benjamin Franklin's Junto.

Benjamin Franklin prided himself on the art of doing good. People make two choices, who best represents the art of doing good between themselves and who has done good between everyone at large. Eventually the 'who has done good' gets whittled down to a small number, and the 'art of doing good' down to 8.

The final 8 are tasked with tallying the votes and distributing funds appropriately to those who have done good, and to make a statement regarding what they see wrong with society and how we can do better. So in the distribution of funds it is a direct democracy, but in the determination of ideals or warnings it is representative.

There is no authority to punish, only a delegation to lead. All distribution of funds are determined by the whole, funded by a 501(c)3 non-profit in Tennessee founded by a politically active tech developer.


Attendees will be compensated in
JFK coins or US Dollars (subject to change):

1 to 2 Tables (Jan, '19) $20 Each
3 to 5 Tables (Apr, '19) $10 Each
32 Attendees (Jul, '19) About 304 Coins
6 to 12 Tables (Oct, '19) $5 Each
128 Attendees (Jan, '20) About 752 Coins
512 Attendees (Apr, '20) About 1,776 Coins
2,048 Attendees (Jul, '20) About 3,216 Coins
8,192 Attendees (Oct, '20) About 7,840 Coins

1 Minute Series

Purpose of Forums

Google Hangouts

We meet for 1 hour
Thursdays at 8pm EST.

To get an invite email

[email protected]



Catch up on social media.

Thursdays join 8 person teams.

Set a time to meet and discuss! Record and share the discussion; we recommend Google Hangouts or Zoom as community standards. Discussions are a time for illuminating societal problems, along with recognizing the best contributors at large.

In groups of 32 or more, after 50 minutes votes may be cast for two representatives. This pair join with three others forming a new group of 8: repeating until a final table of 8. In groups of 512 or more, a final 8 join a Council of Franklins and write anonymous one-page essays criticizing society attached to a Bitcoin 1776 payment address.

Political and Development
Campouts and Jamborees


512 Attendees (Jul, '20) About 1,776 Coins

Tennessee, France, Mexico, Korea

32,768 Attendees (Jul, '21) About 31,360 Coins

"You have begun to burn our Towns, and murder our People. Look upon your Hands! They are stained with the Blood of your Relations! You and I were long Friends:
You are now my Enemy, and I am, Yours,"

- Benjamin Franklin, 1775


We are looking for:
Independent Political Historians,
Energetic Compassionate Politicians,
and Industrial Intellectual Contributors.
If you got ideas, talent, or time,
let us get to work! - Bitcoin 1776